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2024 Metanium DC

2024 Metanium DC

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Product number

gear ratio

Maximum drag force (Kg)

Own weight (g)

Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)

Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m)

Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)

Handle length (mm)

Number of bearings BB/Roller

Yumeya handle knob type

Yumeya handle type

70 6.2 Five 175 34/19 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65 66 42 10/1 A BH-1
71 6.2 Five 175 34/19 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65 66 42 10/1 A BH-1
70HG 7.1 Five 175 34/19 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65 76 42 10/1 A BH-1
71HG 7.1 Five 175 34/19 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65 76 42 10/1 A BH-1
70XG 8.1 Five 180 34/19 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65 86 45 10/1 A BH-1
71XG 8.1 Five 180 34/19 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65 86 45 10/1 A BH-1

Jet black neoversatile

Nine years after the previous work, Metanium DC is reborn as a neo-versatile machine. The low inertia MGL spool III uses 34/19mm, which has a good balance of lightness in start-up and elongation, and excellent versatility. The brake is equipped with a DC brake that instantly senses changes in spool rotation using a microcomputer and adjusts the braking force. Adopts NEW firmware with excellent long-distance casting performance and anti-backlash performance. S3D spool for low vibration and silent tune maximize casting performance. In addition, the smooth winding micro module gear is firmly supported by X-SHIP. Furthermore, the core solid body achieves both high rigidity and light weight. The highly textured and deep black exterior looks great in the field and gives you a sense of ownership.


By adopting the low inertia MGL spool III, you can freely make long casts and low trajectories.

The MGL Spool III, which exhibits a light start-up and contributes to further increases in flight distance, is designed with a diameter of 34mm for greater versatility. Compatible with all lures with a wide range of weights, allowing you to cast far away or short casts with low trajectories. The Metanium DC has evolved into an all-round model that can cast a wide range of lures under a wide range of weight conditions with a flexible and stable cast feel.


Ultra-high precision brake control with different levels. Intelligent DC “NEW I-DC5”.

The intelligent DC, which instantly senses the rotation of the spool and controls the braking force, has evolved further. By updating the firmware in the DC in conjunction with the installation of MGL Spool III, it will demonstrate even longer cast performance while reducing line troubles. It has evolved into a high-precision brake system with brake control capabilities equivalent to the DC brake installed in the 23 Antares DC MD.


Enables instantaneous fine adjustment from the outside. New brake adjustment dial for improved operability.

The mode dial, which was previously built inside the side plate, has evolved into a new brake adjustment dial unit that can be adjusted from the outside together with the brake dial. 3 mode lines x 5 levels of brake force = 15 shifts in total, allowing instant fine adjustments without opening the side plate. By making it easier to find the best settings that match the ever-changing field conditions and the lure you are using, you can get closer to catching your next fish. As a setting for experts, if you want to further reduce the inertia of the spool by intentionally winding a small amount of fluorocarbon line, you can intentionally select N mode, which makes it harder to apply braking force, instead of F mode. This is now possible using only an external dial.



HOW TO Metanium DC


DC's first strong core solid body. The lightest model equipped with a DC brake.

It is the first DC-equipped machine to use a highly rigid core solid body. By integrally molding the main frame and level wind protector with metal material, it exhibits strong body rigidity despite its low profile. Even in situations where you are fighting a large animal or forcefully pulling a target out of cover, it is difficult to deflect, and you can experience stable winding comfort without making noise even under heavy loads. In addition to its compact body size that is easy to palm, its overwhelmingly lightweight feel provides excellent operability in all situations.


Powerful and smooth winding. Equipped with micro module gear.

Ultra-compact precision micro module gear provides silky winding comfort. The vibration level is suppressed to the absolute minimum, and the increased number of meshing teeth provides even greater strength. In addition, the newly designed duralumin drive gear enables powerful winding and precise and smooth rotation. The light feel has been further refined.


A light casting feel and long-distance casting that will change the image of DC.


DC has the image of being a brake that can suppress line dandruff and allow you to cast without backlash, even when throwing a lure with resistance, being fanned by a headwind, or making tricky casts such as skipping. think. That is also a big advantage. However, it is true that in the past, the braking force of the DC was sometimes too strong during short casts, and it lacked the extra power of the SVS brake. However, the new Metanium DC "doesn't look like DC in a good way." You can enjoy the relaxed long-distance casting performance of SVS, and there is no backlash even without summing. When I cast him for the first time, I couldn't hide my surprise. In recent years, I have been competing in America, and I especially feel the need for long casts. Up until now, Antares DC has been used for fishing where flight is important, but Metanium DC, which has excellent long-distance casting performance and excellent versatility for various types of fishing, will be used more and more in the future.

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