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2023 Calcutta Conquest MD

2023 Calcutta Conquest MD

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Fight to your heart's content.

A flagship circular reel with anti-monster specs that specializes in freestyle fishing using a variety of lures, including big bass, sea bass, and shore and offshore salt games. With a maximum winding length of 101cm and a maximum drag force of 8kg, it is compatible with big fish. The micro module gear and Infinity Drive, which are responsible for smooth and light rotation, are covered with a highly rigid HAGANE body, creating a secure and comfortable operating feeling. The body is designed to be more compact and easier to grip than the previous model, giving you even more stability in your hand. What's even more noteworthy is the inclusion of SVS MD TUNE, worthy of the Monster Drive name. This is a rock-solid machine with flawless performance in all directions, including SVS MD TUNE, which improves long-distance casting and backlash resistance, and Level Wind, which works in conjunction with drag release to send out the line smoothly.

KEY FEATUREkey features

Sent to all big fish hunters. The pinnacle of circular reels, the anti-monster version is born.

VS Monster Special with high line capacity for all situations, whether fresh water or salt water. For the first time in Conquest history, it has evolved into the long-awaited XG with a handlebar rotation of 100cm over and a gear ratio of 7.5. The maximum drag force is 8kg, which is 1kg more than the previous model. The star drag is also larger to make it easier to tighten. Decide on a long cast to the distance and take advantage of the winding speed of the high speed gear to attract the target that switches on with speed. After hooking, the drag operates smoothly, following the monster's powerful run, and powerfully reeling it in to take control. Calcutta Conquest MD is a circular flagship that will not succumb to that monster.

The larger star drag also supports instant tightening. The synergistic effect of the gear, which has significantly improved both strength and feel, allows you to fight with ease.

Palming performance and winding power to complete strong games.

Equipped with Infinity Drive to reduce winding resistance and micro module to improve winding smoothness. In addition to the two Shimano double-axis reel technologies that give you an advantage in fighting monsters, the circular body with a reduced overall height allows for a firm grip and stabilizes your hand. Calcutta Conquest MD, where all the elements come together to exert even stronger power against monsters. It is a reliable companion that gives all anglers an advantage when completing strong games such as big baits.

Despite its circular shape, it is as easy to grip as a low profile model.

Two handle knob specifications to suit various situations.

The four models, 300XGLH/301XGLH/400XGLH/401XGLH, are equipped with a 51mm long handle for more powerful and efficient winding. By adopting a round knob that can be gripped firmly from any angle, you can instantly respond to unexpected bites. 300XG/400XG uses a stable 45mm handle and flat knob. The same specifications as the 22 Concust do not feel strange when rotating, contributing to the stability of casting and the speed of rework.

[Left] 300XGLH/301XGLH/400XGLH/401XGLH uses a round knob that is easy to grip and apply force instantly.

[Right] The 300XG/400XG uses a controllable and basic flat type knob.

New brake system, SVS MD TUNE. A true monster specification realized by combining with the level wind interlocking function.

An SVS centrifugal brake supports the elongation of the cast, and an external dial type magnetic brake provides anti-backlash performance. SVS MD TUNE achieves excellent elongation performance and trouble-free performance by coexisting these two brakes. Calcutta Conquest MD is also equipped with a level wind interlocking mechanism that gives you an advantage in the fight against monster-sized monsters. A solid feature as an anti-monster reel has finally been integrated.

The level wind interlocking mechanism is a very effective function for sending out the line smoothly on a strong reel that is designed to resist monsters and drag even tight drag. However, the ability to install the level wind interlocking function has been limited by the structure of the dual-axis reel. That is the existence of the "connection gear" that links the level wind to the rotation of the spool.

To realize level wind interlocking during drag operation, a "connection gear" is required to link the level wind with the rotation of the spool.

The connecting gear needs to be placed on the body B side (the side opposite to the side where the handle is attached), but in conventional reels, the dial type brake is placed on the B side, creating a structural dilemma that interferes with the connecting gear. was doing. Therefore, it was impossible to have level wind interlocking and dial type magnetic brake coexist on one reel.

[Left] The side where the handle is attached is called body A, and the side where the spool fits is called body B. The level wind connection gear must be placed on the B side. If placed on the A side, the handle will be separated from the reel body, leading to a reduction in winding force. (Photo shows 18 Calcutta Conquest 300)

[Right] 21 Calcutta Conquest 200 (top photo) equipped with a brake on the body B side. A dial brake is usually installed on the side opposite the handle. Therefore, in the 18 Calcutta Conquest 300 (photo below), we decided not to use brakes in favor of level wind interlocking.

To link drag operation and level wind, it is necessary to rotate the connecting gear using reverse rotation of the spool. This mechanism is a standard-sized lure, and if you are targeting a standard-sized target, it is a low priority to install it. However, when using big lures and aiming for monster-sized fish, the situation changes completely. The level wind interlocking mechanism has the effect of stabilizing the release of line by drag by keeping the angle between the line and level wind small, which is a great help for anglers when fighting monsters. On the other hand, since the level wind is also linked when casting, it becomes a resistance to releasing the line, but if you are using a heavy big lure, this is not a big problem.

The level wind interlocking mechanism is essential for monster-resistant reels. In cases where the line is still dragged out even after tightening the drag, the spool and level wind work together to achieve a safe fight without putting excessive load on the line.

In order to adopt this mechanism, which is extremely effective for a reel that deals with monster class fish, it is necessary to give up the installation of a magnetic brake. In order to overcome this dilemma, Calcutta Conquest MD has revised its internal structure.

By placing a dial type magnetic brake on the body A side, we were able to successfully install a connecting gear that links the level wind to the rotation of the spool.

It has an SVS centrifugal brake that supports the elongation of the cast, a dial type magnetic brake that has anti-backlash performance, and also has level wind interlocking that stabilizes line release. A golden circular double-axis reel worthy of the MD name as an anti-monster reel has finally been completed.

The SVS brake mechanism that changes the braking force by turning on/off the number of brake shoes and the level wind connection gear are located on the body B side.

On the left is 18 Calcutta Conquest 300HG, on the right is 23 Calcutta Conquest MD300XG. The new model has successfully coexisted with the level wind interlocking mechanism by placing a magnetic brake on the body A side that supports the effectiveness of the brake shoes.

SVS MD TUNE makes it easier to adjust the brakes of big lures.

SVS MD TUNE is a brake system that allows you to essentially adjust the brakes just by using the external dial, once you have decided to turn the internal brake shoes ON/OFF. In situations where the Calcutta Conquest MD comes into play, there is a tendency for the lure types to be thrown to a certain extent to match the rod on which the reel is set. It can be said that the lures and situations used can be limited to a certain extent, such as big baits, large saltwater tops, minnows, vibrations, and jigs. Therefore, once you decide on the basic settings for the internal brake shoes in advance, you can make adjustments using just the external dials. Brakes can now be adjusted more quickly and easily than before.

Numbering specifications for symmetrical positions that make it easy to understand the brake shoe position.

By setting the numbering of the brake shoe positions in a symmetrical direction, brake setting is now easier than before. In the previous model, the numbers were sequentially clockwise as 1 → 2 → 3, but in Calcutta Conquest MD, the numbering has been changed to 2 on the diagonal of 1, 4 on the diagonal of 3, etc. This is a device to make it easier to understand the number of ON/OFF brake shoes, and if you set them symmetrically such as "1 and 2 are ON" and "3 and 4 are OFF", you can manage ON/OFF. is now easier than ever and helps prevent configuration errors.

[A] SVS brake shoe for 18 Calcutta Conquest. They are numbered sequentially clockwise from 1 to 8. [B] Exterior view of the brake shoe cover. It was difficult to see the parts hidden by the cover, so it sometimes took time to confirm when you wanted to turn on the brake at a symmetrical position. [C] 23 Calcutta Conquest MD brake shoe. Changed to diagonal numbering. If you want to turn on two, turn on 1 and 2, and if you want to turn on four, turn on and off diagonally, making it easy to set up symmetrically.


In a battle of speed, I no longer feel like losing.


More than 10 years ago, the Calcutta Conquest at the time was the one that played an active role in killing a golden-bodied dorado that fought in Argentina, South America. It's very moving that a weapon has finally been created that allows you to fight against opponents who would otherwise give up on you if you weren't at full speed.

I'm glad to see that the handle length remains the same, allowing for high-speed winding to the limit, and above all, the use of XG, which achieves 101cm per revolution. Furthermore, although it has a compact body size comparable to the 200 at the time, it has a strong housing and plenty of line capacity. In addition to being able to hold it firmly in your hand, the handle is closer to the center of the body, and it also features an Infinity Drive that allows you to wind even heavy lures very lightly. He's now invincible. I don't feel like losing.

As for the brake system, the latest SVS MD TUNE combines the best parts of centrifugal brakes and magnetic brakes. It is truly impressive that the system used in Shimano's early bait reel BM series, which existed about 35 years ago, has been revived with modern technology. It is a golden Calcutta Conquest MD that is suitable for a monster drive, with a flawless finish that also works with the level wind.

Product number

Product number

gear ratio

Maximum drag force (Kg)

Own weight (g)

Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)

Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m)

Thread winding amount PE (No.-m)

Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)

Handle length (mm)

Number of bearings BB/Roller

Yumeya handle knob type

Yumeya handle type

300XG 7.5 8 335 43/22 20-160, 25-135 4-180, 5-140, 6-120 101 45 11/1 A BH-2, 3, 4, 5
300XGLH 7.5 8 360 43/22 20-160, 25-135 4-180, 5-140, 6-120 101 51 11/1 B BH-2, 3, 4, 5
301XGLH 7.5 8 360 43/22 20-160, 25-135 4-180, 5-140, 6-120 101 51 11/1 B BH-2, 3, 4, 5
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