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2023 Antares DC MD

2023 Antares DC MD

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Specification table

Product number

gear ratio

Maximum drag force (Kg)

self weight (g)

Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)

Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m)

Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)

Handle length (mm)

Number of bearings BB/Roller

Yumeya handle knob type

Yumeya handle type

HG RIGHT 7.4 6 235 38/21 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 88 45 11/1 A BH-1
HG LEFT 7.4 6 235 38/21 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 88 45 11/1 A BH-1
XG RIGHT 7.8 6 235 38/21 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 93 45 11/1 A BH-1
XG LEFT 7.8 6 235 38/21 14-145, 16-120, 20-100 93 45 11/1 A BH-1

Reach that goal and reach even higher heights. The pinnacle of freestyle DC, challenging the limits of strength.

The highest quality freestyle reel, Antares DCMD. The flagship that challenges the world has evolved into a model with even more combat power, equipped with the low inertia MGL Spool III and NEW 4×8DC MD TUNE. The synergistic effect of the light rise and elongation during casting with the MGL Spool III, and the unprecedented brake control precision of the NEW 4×8DC MD TUNE, achieves long-distance casting performance and trouble-free performance that exceeds conventional casting performance. In addition to being equipped with a micro module gear that provides silky rotational performance, an even stronger support structure has been adopted by increasing the number of drive gear shaft support bearings. Reduces handle wobbling and provides smoother reeling. A sense of dynamism and confidence is conveyed through the elegant body. A solid history that has been accumulated. It is the pinnacle of freestyle DC that will lead anglers aiming for higher heights to even greater heights.

KEY FEATUREkey features

Light rise and extended trajectory. Low inertia MGL spool III finally installed.

While maintaining the high line capacity of 20lb x 100m, which is essential for strong games, it is equipped with MGL spool III, which instantly stands up and connects to a long trajectory and long-distance casting performance. The spool diameter is 38mm, the same as the previous model, but the width is narrower by -1mm to 21mm. The low-inertia spool has a thinner wall that maintains excellent strength and is lighter in weight, pushing conventional casting performance to an even higher level.


Unprecedented brake control accuracy. Intelligent DC, New 4×8 DC MD TUNE.

The brake system is equipped with a New 4×8 DC MD TUNE with redesigned settings to optimize it for the MGL Spool III, which has achieved low inertia. We conducted numerous tests and provided thorough feedback on the vast amount of data we generated through trial and error. Achieved unprecedented brake control accuracy. This reduces backlash while minimizing spool rotation loss, which directly leads to high long-distance casting performance that goes all the way. The effect is obvious not only with a full cast but also with a light cast. The synergistic effect of New 4×8 DC MD TUNE and low inertia MGL spool III realizes amazing casting performance.


The internal dial has 4 modes: F (= fluorocarbon), P (= PE), N (= nylon), and XB mode, which is a large lure with air resistance and long throw mode. Once you have decided on the settings depending on the line and lure you are using, you can achieve comfortable casting by simply making fine adjustments using the 8-stage external dial.

The number of bearings is 12 in total, plus one. Contributes to smooth and precise winding.

The number of bearings is 12 in total, with one more added to the previous 11. By adding another support to the drive gear shaft, which is the key to driving force, the rigidity of the handle during winding has been significantly improved. Reduces handle wobbling and provides smoother reeling.


The pinnacle of freestyle DC. That is Antares DC MD.


It can be said that the new Antares DC MD has far superior long-distance casting performance to the 16 Antares DC, which is said to be the fastest reel in DC history. The new 4×8 DC MD TUNE, which has a control precision that far exceeds the conventional one, takes advantage of the low inertia spool while maintaining the traditional 38mm diameter that accommodates 20Lb x 100m. A finish suitable for a flagship in both long-distance casting performance and trouble-free performance. Even those who have set the XB mode and could only use the external dial up to 4 can now lower it to 3 and gain even more distance. trouble? No worries about that. This new DC will help you. If you can use up to 3, you can go up to 2. In other words, anyone can experience a different level of flight without any trouble by turning the dial one level lower than before. If you can bring the lure closer to the monster's location after casting it far, you can use the 45mm handle with a small turning radius to invite a speed battle that takes advantage of HG and XG. Of course, the handle has a more rigid feel even after hanging it, which is advantageous. All that's left to do is fish.

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