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MTCW Drag Grease

MTCW Drag Grease

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The MTDG Series, jointly developed by MTCW and an oil manufacturer, achieves the ultimate performance demanded by drag grease.

The MTDG series greases have achieved the ultimate performance required for drags.
We offer three types: silky-smooth low viscosity, moist medium viscosity, and tactile high viscosity.

By making the grease particles finer than conventional grease particles, even a small amount is effective as grease and achieves unprecedented ultra-low resistance.
It has been designed to be optimal for harsh environments, enabling extremely excellent water resistance and securing a tough oil film so that it always performs as grease.

For the first time in the history of drag grease, urea-based grease is used, and it does not contain any ingredients that may damage resin or rubber parts.
Furthermore, blending in special fluorine produces extremely light and smooth operation.
This allows a small amount of oil to be applied and allowed to acclimate, resulting in immediate and long-lasting anti-abrasion effects.

MTDG-01 [Low viscosity]

Recommended for use with: All-round
Capacity: 10ml

MTDG-02 [Medium viscosity]

Recommended for use with: All-round
Capacity: 10ml

MTDG-03 [High Viscosity]

Recommended for use with: All-round
Capacity: 10ml

MTDG-SW [Super High Viscosity]

It contains a special powder that prevents heat sagging.
The industry's first saltwater drag grease that can withstand temperatures up to 600°C.

Recommended for use with: Large Reels
Capacity: 10ml
SW series Reels

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