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Banshu strong treble hook (Bombada)

Banshu strong treble hook (Bombada)

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Banshu Tough Fishing

Hook Background to adopting this hook
Why is there no small, sharp and strong treble hook in Japan?
There are good ones from major manufacturers in large counts.
However, there is nothing strong and sharp to hit the important #6 #8!

I Bombada have faced this small and big problem in the past.
Without the strength of this class, it would not be my style of fishing.
Especially necessary for short bait rods.

Surprisingly, there are many lures as small as bass lures and sea bass lures in the Amazon and other valleys around the world.

A ferocious and strong fish suddenly attacks there.

This "secret hook" was incredibly good. The small unstretched hook became a behind-the-scenes player that supported Bombadatell's fishing results, and became indispensable.

We have added a new processing to the hook, and this sales plan was launched to deliver a better product that is resistant to rust and is compatible with salt to Japanese high anglers.

Characteristics of hook
Small and strong thick shaft.
Rust is prevented by anti-rust processing of gun metallic color called KPC.
This processing is a high-balanced design that can pursue sharpness of the hook tip while maintaining high rust resistance among the technologies currently conceivable.
Only #6 and #8 counts are sold.

Since Japanese products are inevitably expensive, we reduced the packaging and its man-hours and costs as much as possible.

For high anglers who aim for strong fish with small and medium lures.
Bombada frees you from the dilemmas of the past that you have experienced firsthand.

(*1) Banshu fishing hook manufacturing is a local industry specializing in hardware in what is now called Nishiwaki City and Kasai City in Hyogo Prefecture.

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