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21 Certate SW 14000-XH

21 Certate SW 14000-XH

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CERTATE SW dominates the saltwater scene with its lightness, power, and high rigidity.
The large size CERTATE SW has finally debuted in CERTATE, which is synonymous with tough spinning.
The heart of the strong MQ (monocoque) body is equipped with a large and thickened G1 duralumin tough digigear.
Demonstrates high durability and smooth winding comfort.
The ZAION air rotor, which has a high level of strength and low inertia, supports high-response jerking and retrieval with light and powerful winding.
MAGSEALED's high waterproof performance provides long-lasting initial performance, which is proof of trust.
The drag performance is a new generation drag system that boasts 200% more durability than conventional models.
The drag click sound is a big sound that resonates. (Excluding 5000 and 6000)
LC-ABS, which provides long distance and excellent trouble-free performance, will greatly change the cast feel.
The high gear model mainly used for casting uses a high grip egg knob, and the power gear model mainly used for jigging uses a lightweight round EVA knob.
(The 5000 and 6000 all use power light knob L (EVA round).)

A waterproof structure that shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a wall of magnetic oil in the gap between the mag shield body and rotor. Since there is no contact between the body and the rotor, the initial rotational performance is maintained for a long period of time while maintaining light and smooth rotation. Most of the causes of abnormal rotation noise are salt dirt and foreign matter intrusion. Of course, there are cases where this occurs due to accidental dropping into water, but other than such cases, the incidence of abnormal rotation noise of mag-shielded reels has been significantly reduced. Moreover, this ratio is becoming more and more significant as time passes since the introduction of MagShield. This means that the longer you use it, the more effective it will be. In other words, it proves that the dustproof and waterproof capabilities of MagShield are at an extremely high level. Adopted in the main shaft part of CERTATE SW. Furthermore, the line roller part is equipped with a mag shield ball bearing (*).
*8000-18000: Mag shield ball bearing line roller, 5000-6000: Mag shield line roller

Full metal (AL) monocoque body
Conventional spinning reels typically support both ends of the drive gear with the body and body cover, and secure it with several screws. From this structure, we aimed to further improve precision and rigidity by eliminating the body cover and fixing the monocoque body by screwing a high-precision plate directly into the body. This increases gear support accuracy and also improves rigidity and airtightness. Furthermore, we succeeded in maximizing the size of the drive gear by utilizing the space previously taken up by screws. Monocoque body means MONO (one) - COQUE (shell). The completely new shape, which symbolizes the toughness of a monovalve shell, breaks the conventional wisdom of reel structure. CERTATE SW has achieved the best balance by considering the light weight as well as its sufficient rigidity, targeting small size (5000-6000), medium size (8000-14000), and large size (18000). There is.

A new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For large-scale spinning, this setting suppresses the drop in drag force during fights. Both were developed with the goal of allowing you to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings. CERTATE SW has significantly increased the number of drag washers (carbon) to 5 small size, 7 medium size, and 9 large size, in pursuit of improved drag MAX and durability and heat dissipation that can withstand the speed of large fish. It also uses a large drag knob, making the knob large and comfortable to operate.
■G1 duralumin MC (machine cut) Tough Digi Gear
G1 duralumin MC Tough Digi Gear combines strength and lightness.
The gear size has been increased by approximately 12% in outer diameter and 55% in thickness compared to previous models.
Large diameter gears made possible by the monocoque body. The tooth surface shape is also large for smooth engagement with the pinion. As a result, silky rotation continues and powerful winding is achieved.
Left: The previously installed Hyper DigiGear is hard and strong, but heavy.
Right: G1 duralumin MC Tough DigiGear has both strength and lightness.
■ZAION air rotor
All sizes Use ZAION air rotor to achieve low inertia and lightweight. As a result, the initial speed of the handle rotation is light and responsive retrieval is possible.
■LC-ABS (Long Cast-ABS)
The idea of ​​reducing contact resistance of ABS II remains the same, but by bringing the contact point forward, smoother line release is achieved. The effect of the ring part being pushed forward makes it difficult for the line to ride on the ring, resulting in an approximately 5% increase in distance and trouble-free performance over the conventional ABS II. This is the next generation ABS spool that truly realizes LC (=LONG CAST).
■Handle knob
The handle knob is compatible with S size. EVA round type power light knob L is used for the 5000 and 6000 sizes, which are mainly used for shore jigging, light offshore jigging, and light offshore jigging and casting.
Handle knob is compatible with L size. High grip egg type is used for high gear (H/XH), which is mainly used for casting games. Pursuing the ideal shape that allows for a firm grip and prevents it from slipping out of your hand. The power gear (P), which is mainly used for jigging, uses an EVA round type. The shape is easy to handle, and it provides both operability and grip stability.
■Tough Air Veil
“Air Veil” has significantly improved lightness due to its hollow structure. Furthermore, the unique line slider shape greatly reduces thread entanglement around the veil. ``Tough Air Veil'' is made of stainless steel material that is made thicker to increase its strength by approximately 4 times, making it approximately 13 times more durable than solid titanium material at the same weight. Also, by eliminating the step with the arm lever part, line troubles are largely eliminated. (Bale return method is manual)
(5000/6000 is air bail)
■Rotor brake
A mechanism that applies a brake to the rotation of the rotor when the bail is opened to prevent the bail from returning unexpectedly due to the handle moving due to shock during casting.
New number system
About the new number system
*The new number system is due to a full model change of CERTATE SW. The following is a comparison with the old product number (16CATALINA) system table.
product number/body size
3500H 4000 4000H 4500 4500H 5000 5000H 6500H
Small (4000 size) Medium (size 5000) Large (size 8000)
part number/body size
5000-H 5000-XH 6000-P 6000-H 6000-XH -
Small (4000 size)
8000-P 8000-H 10000-P 10000-H 14000-XH 18000-H
Medium (size 10000) Large (size 20000)
Spool, handle arm, drag knob, handle knob compatibility
Product number 5000-H 5000-XH 6000-P 6000-H 6000-XH
Compatibility details Spool and handle arm compatible
Drag knob/handle knob compatible
Product number 8000-P 8000-H 10000-P 10000-H 14000-XH 18000-H
Compatibility details Spool and handle arm compatible -
Drag knob/handle knob compatible
Recommended for shore blue fish casting games using around PE2, and light offshore jigging games. Equipped with a high-rigidity full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter G1 duralumin MC Tough DigiGear, it achieves high winding torque that you would not expect from high-gear spinning.
The "standard" 5000-XH in shore bluefish casting games. Especially recommended for shore blue fish casting games using around PE2. It uses a body and gear that are one size larger than the CERTATE LT 5000-XH, making it easier to fish with lures with high pulling resistance, and giving the angler the initiative in fighting unexpected big fish. Equipped with a high-rigidity full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter G1 duralumin MC Tough DigiGear, it achieves high winding torque that you wouldn't expect from an extra high gear.
This item is especially recommended for offshore jigging using PE2 to PE3. The slow speed of 86cm per rotation of the handle is effective when carefully shaking a narrow hole. Also, even when using heavy jigs of about 200g or more, it has full torque and is very easy to use. Equipped with a highly rigid full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter G1 duralumin MC Tough DigiGear, it achieves high hoisting torque that exceeds that of its class.
For shore blue fish casting games, offshore jigging and casting games using PE2 to PE3. This item has the highest versatility among the 5 items, and is the most recommended for anglers who use both shore and offshore. Equipped with a high-rigidity full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter G1 duralumin MC Tough DigiGear, it achieves high winding torque that you would not expect from high-gear spinning.
Recommended for shore casting games and offshore casting games using PE2 to PE3. The winding speed of 110cm is very effective in the "speed competition" situations that are often encountered in blue-green games. Equipped with a high-rigidity full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter G1 duralumin MC Tough DigiGear, it achieves high winding torque that you wouldn't expect from an extra high gear.
Ideal for inshore jigging and shore jigging with PE No. 3 to 4 as standard. Compatible with a wide range of jerking techniques such as one pitch and combinations. A model that allows you to experience the benefits of ``high winding sensitivity'' and ``good start of rotation'' in jigging with a lightweight ZAION air rotor.
The highly rigid monocoque body and large-diameter G1 duralumin MC Tough Digigear achieve high winding torque that you wouldn't expect from high-gear spinning. Widely and highly compatible with inshore casting and jigging centered on PE No. 3 to 4.
For jigging targeting blue fish and tuna, mainly PE size 4 to 5. The generous line capacity of PE4-400m and PE5-300m is the best match for Mie, where large yellowfin tuna are mixed, albacore jigging in Wakayama, and Sagami Bay yellowfin ebbing with an average weight of 30kg.
Best match for PE5 standard yellowfin and amberjack casting games. Equipped with a lightweight ZAION air rotor, "low inertia of rotor rotation" & "good start-up of rotation" and "speed without overwinding (118 cm)" due to gear ratio 5.8 are the fierce battlegrounds where small diving pencils often come into play. It is a great advantage in delicate lure operation when casting amberjack and small bait patterns in the spring Genkai Sea amberjack.
Standard specifications for northern Kyushu amberjack casting and Kanto yellowfin casting. The best balance of castability, torque, and speed required for amberjack, yellowfin tuna, and GT games at PE6 standard and maximum PE8. Also recommended for plugging from rock shore.
Presented to anglers who seriously pursue large yellowfin tuna, large amberjack, and large GT in big fish fields all over Japan. Equipped with a PE8-300m LC-ABS spool that is optimally designed for thick thread power casting games.
Shore casting (jigging/plugging) target fish by size table
(○: Keiro Takahashi tester recommended model)
Shore casting (jigging/plugging)
Yellowtail Kingfish greater amberjack Spanish mackerel red sea bream Blackfin
sea bass Isomaru

Dolphin bonito
(~15kg class)
(15kg class~)
5000-H - - - - - -
5000-XH - - - - - -
6000-P - - - - - -
6000-H - - - - -
6000-XH - - - - -
8000-P - - - - - - - -
8000-H - - - - - -
10000-P - - - - - - - - -
10000-H - - - - - - - -
14000-XH - - - - - -
18000-H - - - - - - - - -
Offshore jigging target fish by size guideline
(○: Recommended model)
Inada Warasa
Yellowtail Kingfish greater amberjack Bonito Tuna
(~30kg class)
(~50kg class)
5000-H - - - - -
5000-XH - - - - -
6000-P - - -
6000-H - -
6000-XH - -
8000-P - -
8000-H - -
10000-P - -
10000-H - - - - - - -
14000-XH - - - - - - -
18000-H - - - - - - -
Offshore casting target fish by size guideline
(○: Recommended model)
Shore/offshore casting
Inada Warasa
Yellowtail Kingfish Large amberjack
(15kg class ~)

Dolphin bonito
(~30kg class)
(~50kg class)
(~100kg class)
5000-H - - - - - -
5000-XH - - - - - -
6000-P - - - - - - - - -
6000-H - - - - - -
6000-XH - - - - - -
8000-P - - - - - - - - -
8000-H - - - - - -
10000-P - - - - - - - - -
10000-H - - - - -
14000-XH - - - -
18000-H - - - - -

It is said that 5000 and 6000 sizes will be added to the Yoshiro Takahashi
Certate SW, and in order to overload the reel, we conducted a field test on the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, where the target fish is amberjack.
The reason is that I wanted to determine the limit of the reel.
After completing the tests, it became clear that despite being significantly lighter in weight compared to existing models in the same class, it has enough power and strength that you won't feel the load even when overloaded. It was said that it had ``light operability.''
I was surprised by the specs!
In order to experience this strength, I used a strong Over There Grande 100HH rod. Normally, we should have set a reel in the 8000 to 10000 class, but we decided to set it with Certate SW6000-XH, which is one size smaller. The line was PE5, the lures were a 100g class jig, a 20cm class large plug, and other than the reel, I used complete extreme shore blue-fish tackle.
The purpose of this test is to quickly evaluate the difference in strength by applying more load than expected to the reel, but the greatness of this reel is revealed one after another with each repeated cast.
Immediately after I started casting, I was concerned about the smallness of the reel, but that feeling quickly disappeared and instead was replaced by a light feeling.
The reason for this is the synergistic effect of improved operability due to the reel's light weight, smooth line release, body rigidity that does not bend at all even when casting or jerking with high loads, and light winding power.
Smooth line release is due to the long cast-ABS spool, and even when using PE5, the casting distance is comparable to that of a large reel in the 10000 class.
Due to the high rigidity of the aluminum monocoque body, you will not feel the body flexing even during full cast using a 100g jig or high-speed jerking.
Furthermore, the load at the start of winding is significantly reduced due to the strong winding torque due to the large diameter G1 duralumin Tough Digi Gear + 65mm long power handle, and the lightweight rotor by adopting the ZAION air rotor, which was also installed in the old Saltiga, and the load at the start of winding is significantly reduced. Not only that, but even when reeling in a jig using 120g at high speed, the reel felt so light that you wouldn't think it was a #6000 reel.
The best part is the torque when reeling in a hit fish.During the test, when I hooked a good amberjack and a large dolphin fish, I dared to wind the reel with the rod upright, but there was no deflection, and the reel torque was low. Thanks to the easy-to-grip EVA Power Light Knob L, the reel felt as secure as using a 10000 class reel.
I also noticed something else after using it all day. The lightness of the reel significantly reduced fatigue.
This reel looks heavy at first glance with its aluminum monocoque body and large-diameter gear, but this is probably because it weighs only 375g, which is far below the 400g that is the borderline for being "light" among reels in its class.
A new weapon in my shore fishing game has been born.
Ryota SegawaIt
's been a while since I started using 20 Saltiga, which is rapidly gaining popularity both domestically and internationally, and when my body got used to it, I tested Certate SW.
My first impression of the Certate SW is how light it is. The Certate SW 18000-H felt overwhelmingly light to my hands, which are used to the Saltiga 20000-H. Casting from the shore requires a lot of casts, and you may get tired before the time is right, so the lightness of the reel itself is a big advantage.
First impressions of the drag knob, opening and closing of the bail arm, and the feel of the handle were also the same. Anyway, it's light and yet smooth. The balance felt good when I set it on the rod, so I was looking forward to using it for actual fishing.
My first impression during actual fishing was how light it was, but after a few hours, my overall impression changed to a less tiring reel. I think this is not simply because the reel itself is light, but because all the inputs required for the series of operations such as returning the bail, casting, and reeling require less force. In the test, I was using PE No. 10, and the feel of the thread coming out when casting was excellent, and I think the fact that it is easy to fly distance creates a light feeling of use.
After hooking a fish, the impression I got was completely different, and it was really powerful, and it had a smoothness that obediently conveyed the angler's intentions to the fish. I feel that this feeling is due to the lack of power loss in response to steering wheel input. I get the impression that it is a strong reel that the angler can reel in when he wants to reel it, and when the fish is trying hard, it can powerfully catch the fish's rush without a moment's wobble.
In this test, I almost never activated the drag, but I was also impressed by the fact that it worked properly when I needed it, even if it was just a few millimeters or centimeters. The pitch of the drag adjustment is also fine, so you should be able to have delicate control even when using a big fish. The drag knob is inherited from the Saltiga and is very easy to grasp, and the operating feel is lighter than the Saltiga, so the Certate SW may be the winner when it comes to drag operation during a fight.
I think it's a great reel that has the strength necessary to take on big fish in the sea, and can be used as either the strong Saltiga or the light Sertate.
Tomoya Suenaga
First of all, I met Certate in 2004. The so-called first generation Certate. He remembers being impressed by its rigidity, smooth winding, and lightness. He has used it extensively in both freshwater and saltwater fishing, but he still uses it in active service.
And now, a model compatible with offshore big games will be released under the name of Certate SW.
When I first tried using it, my first impression was, ``impressed.''
First of all, there are no problems.
In offshore games, you can't choose only good situations, and there are times when you only get a fleeting chance a day. Among these few opportunities, the first thing to do is the ability to avoid trouble. In particular, there were no line troubles when casting, even during a yellowtail casting test in strong winds where I threw the fish down for an entire day. I was shocked by this.
And flight distance. Stable flight distance.
Shoot a long-distance nabula, and the bite will be concentrated at a location far from the boat. In situations like this, distance is required, and being able to hit the ball consistently and far is a great weapon in itself.
Next, the power after hooking the fish. This was a "surprise".
Rigidity due to strong monocoque body. Equipped with a large-diameter G1 duralumin tough digigear for winding torque and smooth winding even under load.
In the amberjack casting game where a moment of carelessness or a delay in judgment can directly lead to a line break, being able to withstand high loads and being able to reel in when you want gives anglers a great advantage.
When I actually caught a 12kg-over-sized fish in a test, it was at a point less than 10m deep and I was under a lot of pressure, but I think it took about 6kg to land based on the torque and smoothness of the reel. ? That's how I felt.
There was still plenty of room left, so I was confident that I could fight even larger amberjack with confidence.
The torque, smoothness, and smoothness of this winding are also great weapons in jigging games.
To increase the number of times you come into contact with fish throughout the day, throw in the jig as many times as possible and keep shaking for a long time.
The light winding provided by the ZAION air rotor also reduces the burden on the angler, allowing him to continue fishing throughout the day. This alone will increase your chances of contacting fish.
It is also easy to detect detailed information such as changes in the tide, and it is also easy to make changes to the jig action.
In offshore jigging games where there is a lot of riding, how can you increase the number of fish contacts than those around you? Certate SW is a reel with elements that can be used as a weapon.
In offshore games, you never know when a big fish will hit. Sometimes it's record size. In order to create a reel that allows you to fight with peace of mind and confidence, and to attract that opportunity, it is important for the angler to maintain high motivation and stay focused. I think it will expand greatly.
Certate SW. I think it is the best reel that is comparable to the highest-end models.
I think it will become an indispensable reel for everyone's offshore games in the future.
Ryosuke Yoshikiyo
This time, I would like to share my impressions when using the Certate SW 8000-P while jigging for amberjack and blackfin mackerel off Sotobo Kawazu.
<Situation of the day>
Water depth 60m, wind 8m, current over 1 knot, jig 180g, doTERRA drifting.
I have been fishing under these conditions quite a few times, and it is a common situation in sotobo.
Certate He used the SW for the first time, and the first thing that surprised him was how light the reeling was when operating the jig, and most importantly, how sensitive it was to the reeling. I think this is definitely a benefit of using the lightweight ZAION air rotor. This is a very important point in sotobo amberjack jigging, which requires "delicacy" from the angler side in order to continue producing stable fishing results.
Then, in the fight after hooking a fish, I purposely used a high drag and did not let out any line at all. Even when winding under high loads, it has a high winding torque that is comparable to the flagship model Saltiga that I usually use, and the monocoque body inherited from Saltiga provides high body rigidity, and the advantages of the large-diameter G1 duralumin digital gear. It made me feel bigger.
I am sure that Certate SW will become a powerful weapon for many anglers in the Sotobo Hiramasa jigging scene in the future. I think it will be an item that will help anglers step up.
Masami Murakoshi
Although it is a large spinning size, its own weight and winding are much lighter.
It feels like you are using a reel that is one size smaller.
Still, there is a sense of security inherited from Saltiga.
Weight reduction, mainly using the ZAION air rotor, has been successful.
The hoisting performance under high loads is at a level that makes you think it's on par with Saltiga.
Particularly noteworthy is the lightness of the rotor, which stops suddenly after stopping reeling.
During the field test, we also fished in the rain, and the newly developed high-grip egg-shaped knob is non-slip even when wearing gloves or with bare hands, which is one of the things I really like about it.
Saltiga is known for its “strength” and Certate SW is “light”. This reel is ironclad! !
Certate SW
Product name Winding length
1 rotation of handle)
Self weight
drag force
Standard winding amount
5000-H 96 5.7 385 15 2.5-300
10/1 65 power
knob L
5000-XH 104 6.2 385 15 2.5-300
10/1 65 power
knob L
6000-P 86 4.9 375 15 3-300
10/1 65 power
knob L
6000-H 101 5.7 375 15 3-300
10/1 65 power
knob L
6000-XH 110 6.2 375 15 3-300
10/1 65 power
knob L
8000-P 92 4.8 615 twenty five 3-400
8/1 75 EVA
8000-H 111 5.8 625 twenty five 3-400
8/1 80 high
10000-P 98 4.8 620 twenty five 4-400
8/1 75 EVA
10000-H 118 5.8 630 twenty five 4-400
8/1 80 high
14000-XH 134 6.2 635 twenty five 5-400
8/1 80 high
18000-H 131 5.8 850 30 6-400
8/1 85 high
■The winding length is the length per one rotation of the handle.
■The amount of winding thread is a guideline and varies depending on the manufacturer, item, and tension.
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